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A Broader View

A Broader View

ThirdEyeMom is a fellow Minnesota blogger who is also using her blog to make a difference.  She writes about her volunteer vacations (among other things) and recently wrote about her journey to becoming a global volunteer that inspired me to write about today’s organization.

Sarah and Oliver Ehlers took a trip to Chile, South America where they saw the overwhelming needs of the children in the local orphanage and the incredible difference volunteers could make in a short time.  After they returned home to the United States and researched a variety of service organizations, they were stunned at how costly and restrictive many volunteer travel programs were.  They utilized their backgrounds in hospitality management, tourism, and business to create an affordable, safe, and worthy program so that anyone can travel and volunteer to make a difference in the world.

A Broader View is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania.  They were founded on the belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others.  They offer volunteer travel opportunities to many countries supporting local organizations in low income communities.  These community based projects allow volunteer travelers to live and work side by side with local people in a range of fields such as orphanage work, daycare, community development, teaching, and much more.  These projects offer travelers the opportunity to explore a new country while doing meaningful and rewarding service work.

A Broader View allows volunteers to customize each program by choosing when they want to travel, where they go, and how long.  The programs offered allow for a full immersion in the culture and language within a developing community to allow volunteers to see “a broader view” of the world.

You can read the stories of the many volunteers that have traveled with A Broader View on their website, watch videos from volunteer experiences on YouTube, and you can read about ThirdEyeMom’s recent trip to Honduras with A Broader View on her blog.

Last year, A Broader View, in a partnership with the Baird Foundation, donated $40,000 to their partners in Bulenga, Uganda to complete construction on the community center, expand volunteer housing, provide a holiday party for over 500 people in the community, and buy clothing and supplies for over 300 orphans.  In 2012, they also organized over a dozen university and medical groups to travel to Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nepal to provide medical and dental care to hundreds of people who would have gone untreated otherwise.  Over the last four years, they have donated over $1 million.

How can you help? 

  • Be a volunteer traveler.  There are a variety of customizable programs for individuals and groups including teaching, orphanage support, social welfare programs, medical/dental care, sea turtle conservation, animal rescue, community development, women’s support projects, youth programs, and more.  Go to their website to start exploring the opportunities.
  • Donate a tweet a day to help them spread the word about their program.  You can sign up at
  • You can use the share options at the bottom of this post with others who may be interested in a volunteer vacation.
  • Make a monetary donation via their Guidestar page.

You can learn more about A Broader View on their website, on contact them via phone at 866-423-3258.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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Navigating for Non Profits

Navigating for Non Profits

I was recently at an event where someone asked the question “what is on your bucket list” as an icebreaker question.  Most questions around the table were travel related.  The founders of today’s organization found a way to put together travel and giving.

Maggie and Jenna served two terms with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community (NCCC) where they fell in love with giving back to communities and traveling.  In NCCC you travel with a team every two months supporting existing nonprofits.  This experience really made Maggie and Jenna understand how beautiful America is and gave them both a passion for seeing it all.  However, they were not ready to stop volunteering as their NCCC program came to a close, so they began Navigating for Non Profits.

After their NCCC experience, Jenna was planning to move to Tennessee, had a car, and wanted a road trip partner.  Maggie was planning to head to North Carolina and both of them were hoping to get involved with a nonprofit to begin their careers.  Their idea started as offering to volunteer in State and National Parks in exchange for a free campsite, but a light bulb moment turned it into something bigger.  They decided they could work for all kinds of nonprofits, picked the name Navigating for Nonprofits, and applied for and received their 501c3 status.

As they planned their itinerary they considered several factors: they wanted to see unique places, visit friends, have reasonable drive times, and work for a variety of nonprofits.  They took some suggestions from people about nonprofits and cities and then spent some time mapping out their trip.  At this point, their itinerary is locked down and their trip is underway, but they are still planning some of the volunteer events in the cities they are visiting.  Jenna told me that they left San Francisco “with a dream two and a half months ago and we are still living it.  We get excited every time someone comes out and volunteers for the first time…We have seen both coasts and the Great Lakes.  We have met truly inspiring people.  This road trip has been incredible.”

They are keeping a page of their achievements of their road trip.  At this point they have recruited over 140 volunteers and given over 600 hours to 34 nonprofits.

Their journey is scheduled to come to an end in mid-December and then a whole new journey will begin.  After this trip, they have plans to help others plan volunteering road trips.

How can you help?

  • If you see your city on their itinerary, you can volunteer with them or reach out to visit with them as they see the sights.
  • You can also donate to their trip on their website.  Donations help pay for gas and their $9 a day food budget.
  • You can also spread the word about their trip.  The more people that hear about their trip, the more people will come out and get involved in the communities they visit.
  • Maggie and Jenna also encourage everyone to volunteer.  Just search the Internet for volunteer opportunities, grab some friends, and make a difference in your community.

You can learn more and follow their adventure on their website,  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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